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400 Ton, "BEATTY" hydraulic c-frame press, 50" throat, 24" stroke, 45" daylight, Price: $ 39,500 USD
(2), 350 Ton, "BIRDSBORO", hydraulic C-frame press S0LD
150 Ton, hyd., "Corsteel", hydraulic C-frame press, gap, 22.5" x 54" BA, 18" stroke Ref: 9142
125± Ton, "Muller", hydraulic C-frame press, 24" stroke, 35" daylight, bed 26" x 96" Ref: 9157
50 Ton, hyd., "Colonial",hydraulic C-frame press  Ref: 9129 SOLD
20-40 Ton, Hyd. "Greenerd", hydraulic C-frame press  Ref: C1595

35 Ton, (variable tonnage) Hydraulic, "Hannifin", C-frame, straightening press, model S-350,
14" str, 14" x 90" table, 8" x 8" ram, S/N: C-18690, Price: $6,500 USD
Ref: C1652

8 Ton, "Denison", Multipress, hydraulic C-frame, 220V/440V/3ph, S/N: 10923-T3, hydraulic index
rotary table (model A46, S/N: SO-27145B), floor model, 7.5 HP. Price: $2,250 USD
Ref: N0918

8 ton, "Greenerd", hydraulic C-frame press, model H-37-2,  18" Str., 8" throat, 5hp, 220V/3ph, year 1945,
S/N: 3206, floor model, integral pump and motor, foot pedal operated, Price: $2,250 USD
Ref: P0125

4 Ton "Denison", hydraulic C-frame press, 220V/440V/3Ph, 3hp., S/N: 12880-A01520-T7,
16" x 11" bed, floor mounted, dual palm buttons, Price: $1,563 USD
Ref: N0819

4 ton, "Air-Hydraulics", air/hydraulic C-frame press, model C-400, S/N: 4125,
24"W x 29"D x 81"H, works well, Price: $2,550 USD
Ref: 2015
3 Ton, hyd., "Imperial", hydraulic C-frame press, Price: $1,250 USD Ref: 2084

3 Ton, "Multipress", hydraulic C-frame press, model W2A-3, 230V/460V/3ph, S/N: 31152,
3/4hp., 1225 psi, 5.5 gal reservoir, pump model A, Price: $1,750 USD
Ref: 2082

3 Ton, "Multipress" hydraulic C-frame press, model W2A-3, 230V/460V/3ph, S/N: 31151,
3/4hp motor, 1225 psi, 5.5 gal. reservoir, Price: $1,500 USD
Ref: 2083

1 Ton, "Denison", Multi-Press", hydraulic C-frame, model Midget, 220V/440V/3ph, S/N: 13068-T3,
with welder (res. 2.5 KVA, 220V Taylor-Winfield, on bench), Price: $1,450 USD
Ref: N0969
50 ton, "Wuppertal", mechanical C-frame press, AC feeder, Price: $3,500 USD Ref: 2223 SOLD
mechanical C-frame punch press, 20 tons, C-frame punch press, back-wheel. Controls. Convert to forming hammer. (some rust) Price: $1950 USD
15 ton, "Embree", mechanical C-frame press, punch, mod. 15, table type, solid, Price: Call  Ref: 2254
5 ton, "Rousselle", mechanical C-frame press, 1-1/4" str., 7-1/2" SH., Price: $2450 USD Ref: 2277
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