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A Story (Before Machineco)


Well known Beatles song, " The Long & Winding Road " surely sums up the many twists and turns we have endured over the years. We have been approached by both movie producer/directors and two other medias. We could write two books! This business was founded by two brothers 30 years ago. Over the years we found ourselves involved in manufacturing of plastic skateboards, to importing cutlery from India for the restaurant trade. Our facilities have been used for T.V. commercials and movies also. We started a humble beginning on Craig street with a small store selling air compressors and bicycle parts which blossomed to many warehouses the size of football fields in the "pre-owned" machinery business - a multi-million dollar business success story - to say the least..

This was and still is our main concern.

We were led to a side line of the used machinery business when we discovered that the people buying and selling used machinery were also involved with leaving or entering new buildings. This led us into a sideline of industrial real estate - a branch of business that makes the housing market look anemic. We are at the present time developing lofts - a hot new market that has opened up so much that our new sister website received more hits in less than half the time than our mainline has existed!! Our business has opened up many global connections with agents worldwide as we have sold industrial machinery in many countries. We deal with people daily from around the world, often by E-mail although fax is the most popular in the Third World.

Please feel free to call us for a quote on a machine or rental of a commercial property.

                                                                                        Robin and John Doak

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