Harrison CNC Alpha 400 Combination Lathe


Installed new in:            1995
Capacity, Swing :          16” 
Center Distance:            52” 
Controls:                       GE Fanuc  
Spindle Bore:                 2 1/8"
Spindle Speeds             15 - 2500 rpm Variable (in 3 Ranges)

        Equipped with:
                                      Manual Controls capability
                                      Constant Surface Speed
                                      Low Voltage Light :    

Located:                New York State
Price:                    $17,900 USD    (or best offer for rapid sale)


There are British machine tool dealers asking $14,000£ for this lathe, i.e. about $30,000 !Here from the Harrison Factory site are revealed some benefits detailed by actual end-users of the Alpha 400 lathe.  Similar improved production
can be yours with this late model, well designed, tri-mode CNC lathe.  Read about it-
... "With the Alpha 400 Plus, the test piece is manufactured in three stages utilising the Alpha's  three modes of operation. The procedure is as follows: the square bar is held in a Pratt Burnerd four-jaw chuck (grip length approx.17 mm), whilst a roughing cycle down to 20 mm diameter is carried out using the Alpha's 'fly-by-wire' electronic handwheels - in conjunction with the DRO and the lathe in 'manual' mode. This is followed by CAM profiling in 'fully automatic' mode, to achieve 12,5 mm diameter waist and 10 mm radii, by downloading through the RS232 interface, a previously saved AlphaLink program. Tooling is rapidly changed, by way of Parat toolholding, and the final job is to cut the threaded ends by a programmed sequential operation using the simple question/answer page format at the machine mounted control console.
    As already stated the whole operation takes less than fifteen minutes. Alan Stevens confidently predicts 10 minute cycle times or less with a little more experience of using the machine and better optimisation of tooling." ...

 Best regards,

John  for Machineco.

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